Add the ability to add an existing Stream channel to a Group

Add the ability to add an existing Stream channel to a Group



 Aug 08 2018
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I have an existing channel with many videos.  I created a group so I can add the channel and lock down who can upload videos to the channel.   Is there any way I can add my existing channel to a group?  It would be a tedious job to create a new channel withing the group, then go to every video in the existing channel and click add to group\channel.


@Marc Mroz I am in the same situation.  I have an existing stream channel that contains 41 videos.  This is a channel that is available to everyone at the current time.  Our Stream Group is NOT open to everyone.  I am trying to avoid changing the link for the channel because people are currently accessing the content.  How do I move/add this channel to the Stream group?


Thank you!

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Unfortunately, we have no plans at this time to change channel and group functionality in Stream (Classic). Fortunately, with New Stream using OneDrive and SharePoint for storage, the concept of channels evolves to include folders and playlists. In this model, it is straightforward to move and re-permission files, folders, and sites of video content.

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