Add profile flag for autoplay option on launch

Add profile flag for autoplay option on launch
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As a user, I want to adjust settings and other options in the native Streams site without the video playing automatically every time the page reloads.


Please add a flag or other option associated with the user so the user can specify if videos should play automatically when page is loaded.  As it is now user must stop the video everytime they make a change to video settings.  If working with several videos (such as working with a series of workshop video's) this becomes very distracting from efficient work.

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Would like to have it as personal setting for every user!

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Opening a video to editing the settings also artificially inflates the views.

How is this not a default setting or at least an option?????


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I'm also a little shocked that this is not already available. I adjust a lot of video descriptions, permissions, and other settings, sometimes during other meetings, and I do not want the video (or more importantly, the audio!) to start every single time I load the page.

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WOW... only 4 upvotes.  I expected this to be a popular request.  This is a definite need.  Please add this feature. 

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