Add Microsoft Streams to Sharepoint or Teams

Add Microsoft Streams to Sharepoint or Teams



 Sep 14 2020
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When you record Teams meetings they end up as Microsoft Streams. Behind Teams there is a Sharepoint library. It would be great if we could have a file in these Teams/Sharepoint folders to interact with. Currently we can only share links but since we try to add everything to Sharepoint, it would be much easier if we could have a file placeholder.

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It seems extraordinarily inefficient to download then re-upload a file to simply move it between what are in fact two different document libraries. It'd be much easier to simply "move to" another library.

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Status changed to: Working on it

With the upcoming changes to New Stream, with video files moving to being stored in OneDrive and Sharepoint, this will be coming very soon. See the below links for more information.


New Stream:

"Meeting Recordings in Sharepoint" on the roadmap:

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