Add Folders to Stream Channels

Add Folders to Stream Channels



 Dec 08 2020
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I've started up an "Analytics University" training program at my company and right now, I'm doing a series on R.  However, I intend to also do a series on Power BI, a series on Python, etc.  I've shared the recordings with a channel I've created within Stream which I've then replicated as a tab within our Teams channel.  However, I'd like the ability to create an "R Series" folder within the Stream channel to keep the videos more organized and avoiding add so many tabs in the Teams channel.  I also really like the idea of creating playlists (already upvoted!) to determine the order of the videos or provide a recommended viewing order for the videos within a folder - I think that idea plays very well with this folder idea.


If it's less of a hassle to instead allow a Stream group to be shared as a channel tab via Teams, then that helps me out, too!  But from other ideas posted, I think adding a folder hierarchy within a Stream Channel would be most beneficial.

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I've also posted a similar idea within the Teams idea portal here:

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@haagton As a workaround, could go grab the link to the groups channel overview, then add a webpage tab in Teams and point to the URL? I tried and it was fully interactive in the tab, as in play back movies, navigate etc... 



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