Add ability to search groups in Stream

Add ability to search groups in Stream
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Not sure if this is a bug or a missing feature, but is the worst thing ever: Stream does not let me search for a specific group name. When I use the search box on the top, it only let me change between video, channels, and people, if I click on "Groups" the search box goes away. The only option I have in the groups is to sort, which is extremely inefficient in my company since all the office 365 groups are listed under groups. 

The workaround now is to sort by name and look for it in alphabetic order, which sometimes takes up to 20min!


How it should be:

- The search on top should also work for groups

- Not all the office 365 groups should be listed under Discover > Groups. We should rather have an option like "Activate your Office 365 stream group" - so that page doesn't get overcrowded with many empty groups that may never be used.

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Please have an open text field for browsing groups.  It is so hard to find a group with the current drop down options based on date created, # videos, # channels.  


I meant a request to add an open text fields to search groups.  thanks

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Would also be consistant with the remaining "Browse" experience (Videos, Channels, People).

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Yes, I just noticed this yesterday during testing.


Starting to add lots of groups and it has become impossible to find anything now.

Really strange not to be able to search groups.


Also, displaying every single O365 group is horrible.

We want this to look nice and simple to find and organize videos and it looks like a mess.

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I agree with all comments thus far.

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