Add ability to end video at time code - way to make short clips from longer video

Add ability to end video at time code - way to make short clips from longer video
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"Start at:" code is "& st=".


What is the code for "End at:", "& ?? ="


YouTube's "& start=3 & end=40"


I am embeding video in instructional interactive eLearning interactive modules and it would be nice not to have to upload every snippet.


I didn't know where to post this. Please let me know if you have the answer or where or who I can get it from.



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As an Instructional Coach, I train my teachers on the use of video in their lessons for out of classroom use. We are able to set a Start and End time code when utilizing YouTube videos to focus the attention of the students on a particular section of the video, ask a question in an Office Mix, show the next clip, pose another question, and so forth.


We would prefer for the teacher to use Stream to host their videos. Though without the ability to set an End code, teachers are hesitant to use the Stream service, as they would have to cut their videos into many parts manually and upload them all to Stream separately.

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I am a user researcher that shares snippets from user research with the organization. Also need an end timestamp in the url to make snippets of lengthy user research easily sharable.

I am developing internal e-learning and would really like to host video on Stream instead of YouTube, but we NEED to have 'end time' in the embedded videos as we are linking to snippets of a video for review questions and knowledge checks, especially when someone is not sure of how to answer a question. For now, we have to use YouTube, which is not preferable.
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I'd like to also know what the end time code is?  

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