Add a Method for Admins to Search for All Videos

Add a Method for Admins to Search for All Videos



 Apr 10 2018
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Currently there does not seem to be anyway to search for all video content from an administrative perspective.


I'd like for tenant admins to have a PowerShell cmdlet or an admin page that would get all the videos in the tenant.  In particular, I want to be able to list out any videos that do not have transcripts but being able to filter the entire list of videos by any property would be ideal.

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This currently prevents us from moving to Microsoft Stream as we wouldn't be able to check videos uploaded by users and/or regain storage by deleting them. Should a user report an offensive video, we would not be able to search for and manage the video, unless we can recover the video link which is something difficult to achieve for our service desks and/or users. We would need a way for the Microsoft Stream administrators to list all the videos currently uploaded in Microsoft Stream, whether shared with them or not.

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