About viewing history on Stream

About viewing history on Stream



 Oct 30 2020
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Microsoft Stream の視聴履歴について

About viewing history on Stream



Microsoft Stream の視聴履歴を確認する場合、監査ログを使用する必要があります。

しかし、監査ログでは 90 日以上遡っての取得が出来ないため、長期間視聴されていないものの抽出などができません。



To check the view history on Stream, you need to use the audit logs.

However, the audit logs do not allow information to be taken from more than 90 days ago, so you cannot get information about videos that have been up for a long time.

Please make it possible to get view history information on a per-video basis, or to export it.

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Hi @O365_Japan_Support. This is another great idea - thank you! I hope you'll be able to use audit logs to pull out per-video history and aggregate it, as unfortunately, we do not have plans to make any changes to this in Stream (Classic). In New Stream, which stores video on SharePoint Online and OneDrive, you may have additional options. We'll also be expanding the available analytics and reporting capabilities in those products to provide richer information about video and audio files. 

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