Ability to unlist videos or channels from search or any discoverability via trending, channels, etc

Ability to unlist videos or channels from search or any discoverability via trending, channels, etc



 Sep 15 2017
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Stream has great sharing options like link and embed, it would be ideal if you could use only the sharing options for discovery.

Through the sharing options you can Link in Yammer, Team, Outlook, etc and Embed in a web page, SharePoint site, LMS, modules and have users encounter the video first there in a specifically created context.



I'm thinking an option to unlist/hide-from-search OR a some kind of SPOILER ALERT warning!


This is all separate from the secruity of the video.  Just like spoilers, you can be spoiled if you want to be, but it would be better to give viewers and creators control.

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I think this is an important feature for Stream channels and video.  I want to share videos via links and embed code but I do not want anyone stubbing on the videos in Stream.

I give my students video challenges and then provide them with solution videos.  I can use release conditions in my VLE to make sure students try the challenges before they have access to the links and embedded content.  But they can still search Stream for the videos.

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We don't use Stream's GUI. We just embed the videos into Confluence which is our knowledge base. My colleagues need to see the embedded videoes on their cell phones within the Confluence app or Safari app without the need to log in to Office as well as Confluence (too much).

I think adding an "Unlisted" video option, similar to YouTube, would be a great feature to add.


There are some instances where videos are shared within groups where a working link is required for anyone who has it, without the need for the video to be discoverable on Stream. Adding individual users, or even groups, is not always an effective way of dealing with videos that aren't fully "published."


Has anyone else felt a need for this feature?

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Absolutely a great idea Brian!  We already have departments using "unlisted" YouTube videos and we would love for them to move to MS Stream.

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In my academic institution setting A-3/A-1 levels, my instructors need a solve (outside Group membership management nor AD Security Group Administration  to match course enrollments to channels) that would allow them to upload Video material (lectures etc) and although permissions to view are company wide (O365 enterprise authenticated), the video is undiscoverable through stream search or any Stream/Home method; only if you had the "direct share link" could one know the URL and watch the video if authenticated into O365. zero group membership housekeeping involved every semester... the only solve I can think of would be to enable an UNLISTED capability on upload the owner should select right under Allow everyone in the company to watch.


This feature would empower instructors to focus on content delivery and not be tied down with group membership management because all theyd need to do is upload, set unlisted and feature the persistent video URL path in syllabi.

not having this feature drives adoption to a competing product solution daily...

thoughts? pls advise...



100% agree with you, @Aaron Anderson . This is exactly our scenario, too.


@Marc Mrozmentioned sometime last year (I can't find the thread right now), that there was discussion of Stream-only groups (none of the rest of a standard O365 Group/Team), which would be at least a step in the right direction.


Marc, has there been any movement on those Stream-only groups?

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Fully agree on the need for this option.
We have several small bite-size videos that are used within other presentations, elearning etc.
They have no stand-alone value within themselves, as they depend on being shown in a specific context. These videos should be accessible but not searchable.

Stream's competitors are doing this :)


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Facing the same challenge at the moment.


Our training team wants to use Stream for adding video to our Wiki and Forms, but we are not allowed to until we make sure that noone stumbles upon the video bits out of context.


There is no group or team that reflects the audience of the videos, basically it's "if we show it to you, you are supposed to see it" - exactly what "unlisted" on YouTube does.



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I get a lot of video requests that they want uploaded quickly but shared privately with a potentially large group.


We can't use the company wide option as it will show up and be found by anyone.

We can't use individual permissions as that would be insanely tedious.


This only leaves group permissions but if there is no specific group made for this group of people or you don't know what group fits your audience then this leaves us no choice but to use our old platform which somehow has more features than Stream.


This is extremely frustrating because we are trying to get people to use Stream and decommission the old platform.

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Definitely need this option, to share learning content that might be used with different groups of students at different times, and should not be searchable or show up in Trending lists and such.

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This feature would let us upload a video to Stream, and be able to share it with a link, but not have it be listed in my channel.  Youtube allows this and also "Private" videos that only the owner can view.  

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please create this option it would be so useful !!!

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this feature is essential for education, I hope it is on the roadmap !

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The other alternative for integration with Microsoft Forms would be to upload an unlisted video to YouTube. Not really comfortable uploading internal training videos there. 

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Working in a school with students who are not necessarily savvy with permissions and groups and membership, and especially in a time of distance learning where we are asking students to create videos as evidence of learning that they do not want to make public to the entire school population (would you want your middle school PE dance assessment available for anybody to watch?), the ability to easily upload a video, make it unlisted, and share it with a necessary people is vital. 


Of course, we'd want the ability for admin to audit the videos that are stored so that users aren't uploading content that shouldn't be shared (again, think of a HS student uploading the most recent pirated movie, making it unlisted, an sharing that link with their friends so they can watch it during school...). 

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Often, I want to share it with a large, random group of people who aren't a part of a specific group. I don't want to have to add all of them individually, but I don't want to have it available to everyone in the organization. An unlisted option with the ability to allow anyone with the link the ability to watch the video.

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For us to use Stream for students to stream recorded video presentations, students need to either share with all of the potential markers in a course, or with the whole university. 

If students use YouTube, they can select the 'Unlisted' option, meaning that anyone with the link can view the video, but that the video is not viewable across the university or publicly.

The 'Unlisted' option is such a great option for containing who can view videos.


Please consider this option as a matter of urgency! Microsoft hear us!


I have seen this idea mentioned in other threads as a reply but not come across it as an idea itself. I can see this solving so many sharing issues.


Yes ... there is a potential workaround of creating a group and sharing with a group, but then all students in the group can view the videos and that might not be ideal depending on the nature of the assessment task.

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We really need an "unlisted" feature akin to what Youtube has. Without this feature the other benefits of Teams remain fabulous but moot in practice.

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Thank you all for the great input! Unfortunately, we won't be making any changes to this in Stream (Classic), but for New Stream, it is pretty easy to exclude SharePoint folders, libraries, and sites from search results. I think this SharePoint Maven article covers this topic well.


I'll mark this as Under Review for now while we consider for New Stream the per-file option you suggested.

Status changed to: Not at this time

As noted previously, we have no plans to add this in Stream (Classic), and we'll see what we can do with the per-video "unlisted" idea in New Stream. 


@jsquaredz, to make a Stream (Classic) video just a draft that only the owner can see, they can edit the video Permissions list to remove everyone else.

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What happens when you upload a video to a private group and check the "Allow everyone in your company to view this video"? Does that essentially make the the video "unlisted" to non-group company members, or will they still be able to search for the video and find it in "Discover"?