Ability to publish recordings from Skype for Business

Ability to publish recordings from Skype for Business
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It'd be great if you could record a meeting and have it publish directly to Stream.

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This would take out one step in the equation of making meetings availalble offline.


Definitely agreed. Would be great to have the ability to have a Skype Broadcast meeting directly imported to Stream once completed!

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Hey Eric S, this feature has recently been added for O365 Video users so I am sure it will come quickly to Stream!

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@Scott Tupper can you describe how this is possible?  I haven't heard of any sort of direct / automatic publishing options for recordings from Skype for Business.

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@Chris Corry I was speaking about Skype Meeting Broadcast, not Skype for Business.  Sorry for any confusion.

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This is a feature that i know my customers would like to see.

Just a simple way at the end of the recording, would you like to save it to stream then choose the channel etc and done.

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We won't be adding the ability for a Skype for Business meeting recording to be auto published to Stream as SfB is being replaced by Teams.


However this request has been completed on Teams! With Teams cloud recording, your Teams meeting call can be recorded from the cloud and automatically uploaded to Stream with the video in Stream permissioned to the attendees of the meeting. See here for more info:


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@Marc Mroz, why is it changed to Not at this time?  You can do this with Teams so why not Skype for Business?  I know MS wants to move away from SfB and replace with Teams but we are no where near ready to move all to Teams.  We are probably 3 years out or more and in the meantime, publishing directly to Stream would be awesome!

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Skype for Business is deprecated and is migrating to MS Teams.  You can record meetings in Teams and they go into your MS Stream channel.

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