Ability to backdate published date

Ability to backdate published date



 Jun 20 2017
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For uploading historical videos, it'd be great to be able to edit the actual date associated with videos. For example, when sharing meeting recordings, it'd be nice if the date was actually the date of the meeting.

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This would be very helpful. It would also help alleviate the issue of not being able to create an ordered playlist (https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Stream-Ideas/Arrange-Videos-in-a-Playlist/idi-p/797...). If we can change the dates, then we can psuedo arrange the playlist (channel since playlist doesn't exist yet) in the right order.

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Agreed. If anything, there should be a separate field for Uploaded Date and Video Date. Many videos will already have the date in the file metadata and Stream can take the default value from there, with a fallback being the same as the upload date.

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This would be of immense help.  My organization is uploading several years of historical videos and their publish date is all "2019" when it should reflect the date of the actual event.

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Agreed.  Having a back catalogue of videos to push up to Stream and all being flagged as new videos as of the upload date makes it extremely annoying for users.

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Our organization is also trying to upload historical videos and need to be able to manipulate the published date.

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Yes this feature is very much required to make sure we can display historial videos chronologically.

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This is a great idea. We've also recently migrated our video library to MS Streams, and now all the videos show the wrong date. It'd be great to manually backdate the publishing date for them to reflect their initial publishing date.

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