A better Channel Search is needed

A better Channel Search is needed



 Aug 10 2017
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When you add a Stream Channel to a video, the "search" isn't really a search, for example if you have a channel name of Platform: Azure and you search on Azure, it won't find the channel; You have to start typing the first part of the channel name to select the channel. 


Either a true search, or some other interface is needed. I think the interface before GA was better. 



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Hi @Rick Palm, thanks for the input! I agree, finding a channel this way can be frustrating. Unfortunately, we won't be making any changes to this in Stream (Classic), but for New Stream, you should get a much better experience. Stream channels will be replaced by a combination of folders, sub-folders, and playlists. You'll apply standard sharing to one video or many at once, and search within the standard sharing dialog is is very good. (More broadly, much better search for content in general is already supported just using the standard Microsoft Search in Microsoft 365.)

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