Why Stream still not available in iOS?


Up till now, even many document being released by Microsoft Stream saying the Stream App for iOS will ready for download but just pending Apple review. Microsoft Stream document, being released in September 2018, mentioned pending on Apple. However, now is November 2018, but there is no news being released the target date of release Microsoft Stream iOS app.


Frankly, it is rare for Apple taking 8 weeks on App review eit her approve or reject Microsoft Stream. Even rarer if Microsoft Stream’s team can’t fix the issue if and when Apple rejected the initial version, if that’s the case, Microsoft shall able to re-submit for approval... I wonder why and what happens behind the sence that hold back Microsoft Stream App launch on iOS...



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We thought the review process with Apple would be the same as other apps that Microsoft has submitted in the past which is why we also thought we were only a few weeks away from our app being in the App Store.


However we are still working through the review process with Apple as we speak. The review process is hung up around the specifics of a new policy Apple has put in place that other Microsoft apps haven't been subject to thus far. We are still discussing this policy with Apple through their review and escalation process.


We are sorry about the delays this has caused but we are working through the review process with Apple as fast as we can.

It's now available!