When Sharing screen via Teams and start the recordings, can't hear played audio/video from presenter

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Hello, We have this problem in our organization, when someone is sharing a screen with the other and started playing some audio files, the other line was able to hear it but when the presenter starts the Teams recording and record the screen share, the other line can not able to hear the audio that was being played by the presenter, does anyone knows how to fix it? The user said that they were able to do it 2 months ago, any thoughts with this please.

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@Jeremiah_Campasas - Could you post in the Teams forum for this question as this seems to be a Teams issue not related to Stream. 

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But I'm curious you are saying that the act of clicking "start record" is causing the people in the meeting to not hear the audio coming from the presenters machine? 


If you can reproduce the problem you might also want to open up a support case for Teams to investigate. 

@Marc Mroz - Yes it is, after the presenter record the teams meeting, and played audio files from his computer, the people was on the meeting can not hear it anymore. 


Im not sure where to open a support case for this one. Can you guide me please?


Thank You!

@Jeremiah_Campasas Having a similar issue. The screen froze on one image midway through the meeting. As we moved on and another User began sharing their content it still displayed the original presenters screen. I hope this is something that can be fixed. This was not the recording for me to mess up.


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