Viewing a Teams/Stream Video from a meeting invited to but didn't attend

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How do I view a Teams meeting recording from a meeting I was invited to but didn't attend. I've tried the following after the meeting finished. An attendee confirm that the meeting was recorded and it appears in their meeting chat.


- Searched the meeting chat (just shows the point where I joined the meeting and nothing before)

- Searched Stream using the meeting title - no results


Many thanks


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@MichelleAPS The person who starts the recording is the one who own the video. It is send to this guy stream. Normaly, the video will appear in the chat section after the end of the meating. But it can be delete by the owner. Hope it will help.


Hi @GabrielMethot thanks for your reply. The video hasn't been deleted as those who attended the meeting can still see it in the chat. Although I was invited to the meeting I was unable to attend in real time so was hoping to just go into the chat afterwards to catch up. This doesn't seem possible to do that, so I take it the owner has to distribute.