Viewers should be able to create multiple, topical watchlists

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Our organization produces many videos and our staff would like a way to easily save and identify videos based upon criteria determined by themselves. We foresee this being a major hump to user adoption -- as users of YouTube, they expect this feature.


Ex: Training videos, videos on a particular topic, program or region.





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@Jessica Bady - Could you explain a bit more on what you are looking for? 


Today in Stream we allow you to group/organize videos in a few ways. 

1. Companywide channels - These channels are open to anyone in the org to add their videos to.

2. Groups - Groups allow you to organize and permission videos. Groups have owners/members and you can have channels within the group to further organzie videos by topic, etc.

3. Group channels - Sub organization method of 2 above.

FYI more info on Groups/channels in Stream here:


With the 3 above you can identify videos and organize them together by various topics, etc.m Does the above help with what you are looking for or is there something more you are after that we don't yet support?


Are you looking for custom meta-data fields on videos where you can add extra meta-data on videos to aid in discover/search/browse of videos? 


Or are you looking for some sort search based organization method where you can have an area in Stream that aggreates together videos based on some set of search criterias?


Thanks for your feedback and look forward to learn more on what you are hoping we support in Stream in the future.