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I want to use my mobile phone as a visualizer for homeschooling. Unfortunately all recorded videos are in portrait format after uploading. Is there a possibility to rotate videos or upload them in landscape format?

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I don't know whether you are using iPhone.


The built-in Photos app can rotate a portrait video to landscape easily. 







Actually there are multiple methods to convert a video from portrait to landscape mode


1. Rotate, just as OP mentioned. Note this is not workable when it changes the video into a wrong direction.

2. Crop. Crop the portrait video at 16:9, the standard landscape aspect ratio. But it will remove parts of the video content.

3. Add a blurry background. It uses the blurry background to fill the video into a landscape video. 


Adobe Premiere Pro is the most recommended software to add blurry backgournd. 

Crop and rotate can be finished in many other editors like say VLC, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, etc.




Thank you for your answer.
Because I did not find a solution in Stream, I recorded the videos "normally". Afterwards I downloaded and uploaded them to the stream platform.