Title length not 30 characters - currently it seems to be 100

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In the documentation "" under "Details/Title and Description" a title length of 30 characters are mentioned. I have tried to enter more then 30 chars and it worked. Current Limit seems to be at 100 characters. Editing the docs page was not possible for me.


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Hi @Tomislav Karafilov

Just tested this morning with a Title of


It cut it off at


Which is exactly 100 characters.

The page does not look to be editable per

@Vishal Sood - can this page

Be updated to show a limit of 100 characters in the title instead of 30?

Best, Chris

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@Tomislav Karafilov I fixed up the help doc changing it from 30 to 100, it should be live in the next 10 mins. Thanks for sending along.