Stream won't encode higher than 360p. Original is 1080p. It's been 10 hours.

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10 hours ago I uploaded 2 full HD files (2 hours long each).

The first one is still only playable in 360p.

The second one is available in all resolutions up to 1080p.

Can I check anywhere to see if there is a problem and maybe diagnose it?

Can I see a queue of files yet to be encoded?

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@Daniel15No diagnose, no user visible queue. When you upload a video to Stream the first resolution produced is 360p. If this is finied, you get the mail from Stream, that your content is ready and than the other resolutions and the transscript are created. The mail does not mean, the video processing is completely finished! Due to the current crisis Microsoft has reduced the power of some services, so you can only wait. Upload process description here:

@Tomislav KarafilovThank you for your answer.

The situation is still the same, I only have 360p. This means that 24 hours are not enough to reliably upload a file in Full HD.

This means that Microsoft Stream, as it is now, is not useful for anything that needs to be seen quickly by many people.

@Daniel15 I have the exact same problem.

I uploaded a 1080p video this morning, over 5 hours ago, it's still only published in 360p.

I uploaded a 52 second long clip in 1080p, over 2 hours ago, still only 360p.

Then I uploaded the same 52 second clip in 720p and it was immediately available in 720p.


Have registered a MSFT case about this because I'm not so sure this is just a "backend is slow" issue, but what do I know :(