Stream Videos won't play on IE 11

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I uploaded some videos last week and this week if we open the videos in IE11 we get the following error: 

It looks like there’s a problem.

Please try again or contact support.

(Error code 0x30400000)


I uploaded them in IE and was able to watch them last week... Anyone else see this issue?

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Hi, @Russell Kirby.

May not be a similar issue from the original post but make sure to check the IE Trusted sites settings in following tip if you're embedding Stream within a SharePoint page.

Why is this still an issue in IE11? Works fine in Chrome!

Thanks @Fred Y.  We tried this, but it still did not work for us.

Us too. This is stopping us from launching stream as we're not currently in a position to tell all our users to use a different browser in order to experience stream embed.

Chris what exact flash version are you using?

I can DM you to get more details.

Also Russel if this is on a SharePoint site, do you have your page set to IE 10 mode?
Adobe Flash Player 32 NPAPI

@Scott Perley  It is surprising that the issue still exist even after two years from the date you posted this. :)


I've embedded stream videos in our SharePoint team site. IE11 shows error page. Users can't see the entire page because of the embed. I ended up removing the iframes. MS Video work without any issue.