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Is there any way to view how many unique views a video has?  Everytime i post a new video i tend to go back an review the video a couple of times and each time i view it, it adds 1 to the view count.  As an orginization, we don't want to have videos artifically trending because someone watches the video multiple times.  In my mind, a trending video is one that is being watched by a lot of different people.  As a side bonus, is there a way to see who viewed the video?

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@Eric Wiewiora Thanks for your message.  For the second part of your questions regarding artificially making a video trending, our view and trending algroithms do take care of that. Without getting into too many details, a view count is only counted when a user watches a video for a specific amount of time AND a view count is only counted for each user every 24 hours.  So if you went and watched a video, and went back 5 minutes later to watch again, you should not see an increased view count (from yourself).  Obviously if another user watched the video, you would see an increase.  Additionally, the trending algorithm is a time decaying, so your single view count per day should not affect the trending algorithm (depening on the number of videos in the system - for example, if its the only video, it will be the only video trending).


As for the deeper analytics, we currently do not have deeper analytics on a per video level. Sounds like you would be interested in this feature and I encourage you to add it to our ideas sections.  In this deeper view of viewership analytics, it could include a unique viewer count, drop of times for viewers, etc

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To add to what Amit said in terms of deeper statistics / view trends...

We'll be first working on adding to Stream a trend of views/vistoros overtime along with a drop off chart showing which part of a video people watched (and didn't watch).


(We'll be doing this work first to match what we have already in this regaurd in O365 Video so we can sooner transition customers from O365 Video to Stream.)


For "Who viewed the video" we hear this quite often but aren't working on it yet. When we pick up this project in the future we'll have to be careful on how we build it and what we expose. There are some restrictions in EU work council's on what can be tracked about individuals.  


As Amit mentioned... it would be helpful if you added yoru ideas around deeper statistics, view counts, and who watched a video as new ideas in the Stream ideas forum. I just took a look and didn't see these ideas tracked there yet. If you add your ideas as seperate items others can vote and comment on them as well.


Stream Ideas Forum:



Thank you.  I will add my ideas and break them down into smaller pieces for better visability and clearer voting.

In the mean time I'm having staff comment saying they've watched the video, but hopefuly you do add great view stats.

As you mentioned "view count is only counted when a user watches a video for a specific amount of time"


How "Specific amount of time" is calculated for videos in order to get the count increased? Video is divided into 10 segments. Is it first segment then count get increased?

The "specific amount of time" is a few seconds. I forget the number we ended up using, but basically if the person watches for like 3-6 seconds and they haven't watched the video already in a 24 hour period, then they'll get counted as a new view for the video.


You are asking about Stream right? The 10 segments thing you mentioned sounds more like what we did for the "drop off chart" in O365 Video. What Amit and I metion above is only for Stream.


For O365 Video we weren't as fancy, we count a view count as soon as you load the video player page or click play on embed.

We are using office 365 videos portal not stream as of now.
I am looking for more purging clicks and caching. Is there any way get all the count before MS purge the clicks?

MS mentioned about CDN caching as well. If the video is played from cache then also count doesnt get incremented.

View Count is not accurate. 

as an Alternative solution till VIEW COUNT is not accurate  Is there any way to hide the video statistics?

@Savita Mittal - Why do you believe the view counts are not accurate?

Microsoft rep mentioned that they purge the clicks.

My company's executives are interested to see the full count including purging clicks as well.

@Amit Rajput 

Checking on my final number of views, I noticed something different, when I open the video it states the number of views 220 and increases it by 221. If I close the video after only a few sentences, the number goes back to 220 when I next open it.


If I watch a substantial part of the video, not all, it increases the number by 1, 220 to 221 and that new number appears when I next open the video.


Good news and bad news, the video tells me how many persons watched the video almost to the end, it does not tell me how many people clicked on the link, which is something I would like to know.


Some questions for you

  1. What percentage of the video do you need to watch to get the view number to increase?
  2. Is there an adjustment we can make to video settings, when loaded, to record the numbers of persons who opened the file?

@Suzanne_U [At the time of writing this] Stream counts a viewer after watching a specific amount of time.  Once that has been hit, you will see the view count get raised, however after it is sent to the service, it removes duplicates, and the view count increment on the video only increases if the same user hasn't watched in the last 24 hours to prevent. So when you go back to the video, and it goes back to 220, it is probably because you have watched it in the last 24 hours, so you were already counted.


For your second question, currently today we do not log how many impressions were made on the video, just he video count.  If that is something you'd like to see in the future, please add it to the ideas forum.

@Amit Rajput 


Hi, I was wondering if the whole organisation are viewing a video on the same IP address does it only show up as 1 view like on some other platforms?

many thanks 

@Amit Rajput Where can i find the deeper algorithm?

I just want to know is this logic still the same (as of now).