Stream video shared on Yammer: login is required

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When we share a video from Stream to Yammer, using the "share" feature, the video cannot be played in Yammer: a login is always required despite the user being already identified.


This doesn't seem to be a security settings as there aren't any problem with embeded videos: the same video can be launched without any trouble from a SharePoint website (same browser, same user, same session).


Any idea how to solve this ?

Thank you for your help

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This is an issue for our organization as well -- here's a video detailing what's going on:


(By the way, isn't it ironic that I cannot post a link from Stream here because there's no way to share videos outside of our organization?)


Also: In testing, the problem seems to be associated with using the IE browser -- it didn't happen in Chrome or Firefox.



Thanks for sharing @Jessica Bady. It looks like this may be an issue with trusted sites in your IE internet options. You should be able to fix this by adding the following into your trusted sites:

Let me know if you still see the issue after updating your IE settings.

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Adding to what Amit mentioned.


It looks like it is an issue with "Trusted Sites" which is only a setting of IE, that is why this doesn't happen in Chrome/FF.


If the host page ( where the Stream is embedded into is in Trusted sites or in Local Intranet settings site lists, then you need to also add the Stream URLs and login URLs to that same zone. If not IE doesn't like it and blocks our iFrame embed from logging in properly.


So to fix this issue you need the Stream URLs in the same zone as

In IE > Gear > Internet Options > Security


Check first if is in "Local intranet" zone.

> "Local intranet" > sites > Advanced

See if is there. If it is add the following to the list...

If isn't there, then check in "Trusted Sites"

In IE > Gear > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites

If is there add the above URLs to the Trusted Sites list.


I think once you get our Stream URLs in the same zone as your hosting app (Yammer/SharePoint, etc) then this issue will go away in IE.


This worked for us!

Hi, we have the same problem, and the problem is also present on the mobile Yammer App. In practice It is not possible to publish Stream Videos to Yammer.  I guess the scurity settings in Internet Explorer will not fix the issue between the mobile Yammer App and Stream ?  It seems like Microsoft has a job to do.

Correct. Stream videos do not play / work in Yammer mobile. We have a project running right now to come to a solution there. We have to do work in both Stream and Yammer mobile to pass auth tokens/cookies around to do the login/auth seamlessly.


The IE internet zone settings only apply to embedding stream in other web pages (yammer, sharepoint, etc) and viewing on web. It has nothing to do with mobile apps.



I have the same issue on SharePoint online;

My scenario is I have a custom master page, I have embedded the iframe code generated by stream onto my page. When the user access the page on SharePoint they are asked to sign in or sign up.


I will forward the solution of Adding the sites into trusted sites as the majority of our users use IE and give feedback.

We are also encouraging our users to download the SharePoint Mobile App, how do I solve the sign up or sign in issue when it comes to accessing SharePoint on the Mobile App ?

Currently the SharePoint Mobile app has issues logging in and playing videos from Microsoft Stream. We are looking into how to fix this but it's not working currently.


Stream's embedded player attempts to do single sign on, but if the user isn't logged into an O365 service yet, we present the sign in prompt. 


We do have a "domain_hint"  parameter which is meant for customers using ADFS. It skips the "home realm detection" and jumps directly to the ADFS login server you provide in the parameter. So this will only help eliminate one of the steps after the user clicks the login button, and only works if you are using ADFS. For example if my ADFS login server domain was "" I'd pass the parameter as "&".



<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen ></iframe>




Any updates on this?  the problem of not logging in has been around for over a year.  I feel like when I direct staff to use Stream, I have to attach a tutorial of how to even get logged into the service, vs every other O365 product being auto logged in.