Stream video keeps spinning

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We have a few users in our organization who created video by recording their screen "Create -> Record Screen" and saved the video to be available to everyone in the company to view. But none of our users are able to view such videos, even the creators of the videos are unable to view such videos.


On the other hand, the videos that are created as part of a recording of a Teams meeting are working just fine.


Did anyone else face this issue? Thanks.

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@Pmeka - Did they happen to record these without any audio? If so see this other thread with a known issue that we are in the process of fixing: Video playback not working for screen recordings published directly in browser - Microsoft Tech Comm...

@Marc Mroz Yes thanks for your response, I did not realize but now when I look at it, most of them are recorded with mic off. I posted a reply on the other thread to find out when they will be releasing a fix for it.