Stream feature request - 'Add a timecode in a comment'

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Hi MS et al - a feature request!

Pretty sure you can't do this - but I'd love to be able to.

I'm using Stream for storing user testing sessions - as I add a comment to an uploaded video I'd love to be able to add a link to the timeline so I can jump back to that point from the comment. Similar to the sharing function (which does allow this) - but in the commenting.



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Hi @Mike Gray - This is already actually supported in Stream today.


You can add a time code in a comment under a video or even add a time code in the description of the video. When you hit save/post we'll turn that time code into a clickable link that will jump the video to that point in time. Time codes in comments are great for the scenario you described, and time codes in descriptions are great for building a simple table of contents to direct users to interesting points in the video.


Just type in the time code as: HH:MM:SS


0:32  - jump to 32 seconds

1:43 - jump to 1 min and 42 seconds

1:03:21 - jump to 1 hour, 3 min, and 21 seconds.


Time codes in comments:

Time codes in video description:

Hi Marc - thanks for the quick response.

Good that it's there - it works!

It would be great to automatically 'get' the TC on a mouse-click or keypress rather than have to type it in by hand?


Hi Marc, 


There's also a way to insert timeline codes into a live stream?


Thank you.

My workaround is to just run a find and replace. If I have just timecodes in the window (I often rip timecodes out of an EDL to check edit points for a CCSL), I can search for commas, periods, and semicolons and replace them with whatever I need them to be. I also wrote a Python script to prepare a list of timecodes with the frames prefaced by colons to be understood by Inqscribe, which just looks for :00 through :23 followed by a newline and replaces with .00 through .23.

Then I set Inqscribe to recognize unbracketed timecodes, and I've got everything I need. If my timecodes are already bracketed and I need them to not be for my destination, I just run a find for [ and ] and replace them with nothing. for more suggesstions visit