Start Recording button not working with camera

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I've just started to use Stream to capture screen recordings (Powerpoint presentations). I have no technical issues as all if camera and microphone are switched off. Similarly, I have no issues with the microphone switched on..... I can record a PPT presentation with full audio. No problem.


However, when I activate either my external webcam or internal webcam, the Start Recording button does nothing. Clicking on the Start Recording button should take me to the 'Share your screen' options but clicking the button has no effect. I've checked my permissions and I've allowed the site to use my camera (chrome://settings/content/camera). The Chrome tab confirms "This tab is using your camera or microphone" and the camera is showing that it is on and activated. But Stream won't record. 

Can anyone suggest a solution please?

Post-script #1: I also have the same issue using Edge browser (so not a Chrome browser issue!).

Post-script #2: Logged in to Microsoft account on a different laptop using integrated camera - same issue. So problem does not seem to be connected to hardware being used. Is there, I wonder, an Office 365 account setting that limits camera use that is over-riding the Stream configuration options?


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So I have found the solution to my own problem. Rather than simply deleting the query, I thought I would provide the response in case others have the same issue as myself in the future. I was not able to find any online resources that made reference to the Start Recording feature not working.

The source of the problem was a browser extension called 'Disable HTML5 Autoplay'. Its purpose is to prevent the auto-playing of embedded video clips. It seems that an unintended consequence of this extension is to block the pop-up window that shows the webcam in Stream and thereby prevent the recording from starting. After disabling the extension, I have no problems.

Of course, the reason I also had the issue when using Microsoft Edge was that I had imported into Edge my settings from Chrome. Similarly, when using a completely different laptop, I was signed in to my Google account and therefore had the same extensions activated. The system worked fine in an incognito tab and that got me thinking about what was different about an incognito tab versus a standard tab.

Hopefully this explanation will be useful to others.