Slow (100 kBps) download speed for a video

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A colleague made me a co-owner of a video he uploaded of a meeting through Teams. It's about 1.5 hours long and 600MB. For some reason the download speed is around 100kBps. I get an estimate of 2 hours download time for this. I've waited patiently several times on different machines and even through a VPN, the download always fails. Other smaller files do finish downloading.

Just to be sure I don't get some obvious remarks. I do get 30mbps from other sources regularly and I'm not using my bandwidth on other things while this is happening.

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@jtibau  I would like to write something helpful or a tip, but I can not. If it is a problem with only this video in your tenant, ask the Microsoft Support. When this problem exists for all videos, ask Microsoft too.

The videos in Stream are stored in Azure Blob Storage. You can see the Location via the "?", than "About Microsoft Stream" and in the dialog at "Your data is stored in ...". Hopefully it is "your" region and you have a good connection to the Data Center. Maybe you can try something like: to check your "speed".

@Tomislav Karafilov  Oh boy... that rings true. I can't find that "?" you are mentioning but I think I know where in my city that datacenter is. I know something I can try  but I'm now willing to bet they have terrible uplink to my ISP...

This sucks. It shouldn't be up to them :( that blob-thing should replicate or pipe me through if it notices crap like this.


I'll try VPNing to my school's network. If that improves the speed I'll post an update.

@jtibau - Did it work through your school's network? One possibility is that there is some kind of inspection happening on the download, or that the actual video is getting blocked by the VPN or a proxy. If so, a change in network configuration to allow the videos to go direct rather than through the VPN might help. For that, this article might help.



I have the same problem. I’ve tried everything! It seems to be not a common problem. Did find the resolution for it?
For me its even **bleep** slow i will be getting about70mbps regularly on all various sites but teams server seems like **bleep** slow.

Any solution to this?