SharePoint OnPremise + Stream + IE : RedirectUri error

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Bonjour à tous.


Je rencontre un problème lorsque je soushaite intégrer une vidéo Stream dans mon SharePoint OnPremise.

J'ai ajouté une iframe :

<iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" tabindex="0" width="1110" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Sur Firefox, Chrome et Edge aucun problème, mais avec IE



Dans la barre d'adresse : redirect_uri=undefined%2Fauthredirect


Le problème se pose également lorsque j'ajoute un Yammer qui contient une video Stream.


Y'a t'il un moyen de corriger ce problème


Merci d'avance.




Hi everyone.


I have a problem when I try to add an embed Stream Video on my SharePoint OnPremise site.

I add an iframe like :

<iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" tabindex="0" width="1110" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>


On Firefox, Chrome, Edge there is no problem, but with Internet Explorer :


I'am redirected on an error page during the authentication process




In addresse bar : redirect_uri=undefined%2Fauthredirect


I have the same problem when I embed a Yammer (on my SharePoint site) which contains Stream Video.


Is there a way to fix this problem ?



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@JMagDB Our organisation has this exact same issue Stream video embeded in a Yammer Group feed viewed via yammer webpart on sharepoint page.  Had two weeks of talking to Microsoft and passing fiddler logs etc. to narrow this down. I've got no solution yet. Nearest thing was they asked me to change "reply url", but were unable to advise me how I might actually do this.



@Jack Pottinger 

We found something :)

I don't know if it fix your yammer+stream problem but for us it work.


In our SharePoint MasterPage we have this line :

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=10"/>


We create another masterpage without this meta tag, and tada... Stream work like a charm.