Restricted video upload and groups

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We are start using Stream for customers solutions.

One business need is to restrict video upload to company widechannels only to a specific group of people (ok, no problem, task done by creating an ad hoc AD group used to limit upload and channels creation in the Admin section).

Another business need is to use Private group (Stream group - O365 group) to managed video with restricted visibility and membership.

According to this, I was supposing that anyone belonging to the group as member, when the "Allow members to contribute is checked" was able to upload video in the group even if not belonging to the AD secutiry group used in the Admin section... but this is no true.


Is there a way to satisfy both business needs listed above?



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@Barbara Falchi - This is a big pain point that has come up from several customers reccently who are looking to use Stream.


Our plan is to split the admin setting in Stream admin that currently controls who can upload and who can create companywide groups. Right now its 1 setting, which causes the problem you listed above in your post. Once we split this setting you'll be able to control independantly who can upload and who can make companywide channels.


We hope to get the development done to split this setting in the next few months. Sorry you are running into this problem.