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We have an issue where some of our users' meeting recordings are automatically shared copany-wide, without them checking the "Allow everyone in your cmpany to view" option. They are not manually uploading any videos, and then selecting the option. All videos are being automaitically uploaded after the meeting ends. 


Our default company policy is not set to share with everyone either. Can you please urgently advise on a fix for this? The content of these meetings is highly confidential.



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@citizen_c  Did a test on my side. I have the same admin setting. Option "Allow everyone in your company to view" is not activated. Permission: left - meeting with one person; middle - assigned to a channel of a private team; right - assigned to a channel of a global team.2020-05-13 13_15_46-Window.jpg

If the setting is changed recently, wait some time. If it has the selection for more den 72 hours, write a support ticket to Microsoft please.

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Recordings from Team Meetings are automatically uploaded and permissions are carried over from Teams, so that only those invited to the meeting can watch the recording from Stream.  It's up to you to then share it out to others.  How are you scheduling these meetings? Are you meeting in a channel in Teams and if so, is that in a Public group or Private group?@citizen_c 

@Scott Tupper Thanks for that. We checked the Teams and some of them were actually set to public, instead of private. So, we've now changed all Teams to private, and the recordings are no longer being shared publicly. :smile: