Opening a stream video in full screen mode

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Does anyone know of a way to get a stream video to launch in full screen mode from a link. I need to run a video as part of a presentation and really don't want to take the audience to the stream interface.

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Pretty sure there is embed snippet you can use in stream. Not at a computer but I’ll check if you don’t find it soon as I get to one :p

spent ages on google trying to find an answer to this - there is very little information about Stream - it's all about youtube and office 365 video. however eventually i came across this provided by a supplier - which opens it in the browser full screen  but would be immensely useful if there was an option actually in Stream to produce this as a link.


This works perfectly - Just remember to change the text "video-link" in the URL to the video ID that you will see as part of your video URL, for example:

Again, thanks! :)

@Sita_ICGAM Thanks for sharing. This trick works well :) .