O365 Video -> Stream migration redirection links

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Hi all,


am I correct in understanding that the redirection for links and embed codes will only be active until 3-1-2022? See here:






This would mean that everywhere where O365 Video links are used they have to be corrected manually. Is this your understanding as well?




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@Florian Hein - Correct if an O365 Video link or embed code is still be used in March 1, 2022 then it will need to be manually changed over to it's Stream link equivalent. 


We don't have hard plans on this yet, but we are considering if we need to build some sort of report or tool to tell customers where they have old active O365 Video links being used so a report could be run before March 1, 2022. We have lots of time between now and then to figure out if we need this or not.



@Marc Mroz Perfect, thanks for confirming. I would second the notion of providing a report for users where old O365 Video links are still being used.