Monthly Town Hall Meeting.

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We have a monthly town hall meeting, where we all meet in our showroom, and any important announcements etc are made.

The majority of our work force is mobile, and are not able to attend. I would like to use Teams to broad cast this live, for all employees to watch from either a Teams enable mobile device or even their laptop.

Is this the right platform for this sort of thing?

If so, what sot of camera would you recommend/advise for this sot of thing?

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Absolutely, if your users already have Teams, it's extremely easy to do. Any HD Webcam will work, obviously the better ones will have better lighting and quality etc. But you can do a live event and invite anyone to it and broadcast it out. They can join, and it will even be recorded for playback later.

You would use what's called LIve Events, here is more information on that: