Microsoft Stream Feature Requests

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It looks like a new Microsoft Stream user voice site was created instead of using the Office 365 user voice site. I've been told this is the "official" place to put feature requests:
I just submitted some requests that our company is in dire need of to fully utilize the tool. Hopefully, this will allow the development team to see these requests and understand the need.
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I’m not sure that’s the official place for feature requests, my understanding that this was:


Worth checking this Ideas page and vote or add ideas their.  I’d be interested in knowing more about site you posted and it’s validity.


@Cian Allner interesting... I hope a Microsoft employee/developer sees this thread and is able to comment on which platform is the "official site". It seems obvious to me that there should only be one, and the rest should be nuked...


@Allen @Marc Mroz , any help with this? Which is the "official" Microsoft Stream feature request site?




Why are there two platforms? And can we get 1 of them deleted if they are supposed to do the same thing?