Meeting recording missing

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My previous recordings have been succesfully/automatically uploading to Stream. 

Now it's missing an hr long meeting from last week that i recorded. 


Where can i find this?

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So you were supposed to record for 15min not an 1hr so it could of got deleted
@verason888 It's been uploading other hr long meetings just fine. Then how come this one is missing?

The same thing happened to me last Friday. All the previous videos have been saved in Stream till now except for the one recorded last Friday which was an important company presentation. Can anybody in Microsoft help us with this? Received all the normal messages about "Metting being recorded" but nothing has been generated yet.

The same thing here. I am in charge of recording (among other tasks) a 3-day training in MSTeams. I was able to download the recording of the 1st session a day after the event. We've just finished the 3rd day and have actually downloaded the recording for day 3 as well, BUT the recording for the second day is still not available. Is there a way our company's IT to retrieve it from somewhere? It is a very important recording.