Link for Video from Microsoft Teams says video not Available

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I recorded a meeting in Microsoft teams and am still able to watch teh recording the chat that saved from the meeting. However, people outside of the organization are not able to play the video and the link that it created for Microsoft Stream comes back saying "video not available." Is there any other way to access the video/save locally so that it can be provided to others for viewing?

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@MikeD850 MS Stream does not support sharing of video external to your organisation.  You would need to download the video and share by some other method

@KAT Fair enough - my issue is that I do not see any option to download the file

@MikeD850 We receive this complaint often in our IT department and are looking forward to Microsoft's switch to storing videos in OneDrive and SharePoint - The new Microsoft Stream - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Docs.


Until then, to download the video, you must be the owner of the video. If you are, look for the three-dot ellipse on a video and find the download option.

@Justin-GOV - whilst using Sharepoint/OneDrive to upload/download is definitely easier, the only drawback I see (and why I will continue to use Stream) is that with Stream I get an additional 500Gb of storage, so I don't need to dig into my precious Sharepoint storage allowance

Agreed. I hope MS has more long-term improvement plans for Stream. Our organization will use both. Stream for company content, security, training, and things like channel curation. Since we have a medium-to-large organization our overall storage for videos increases by offloading personal meeting recordings onto individual OneDrive. And our users are looking forward to sharing with external partners.

@Justin-GOV thanks - I am the owner, but do not get the option to download (see attached pic) - seems like I am out of options.

@MikeD850 Doesn't look like you are in MS Stream from your screenshot?  Make sure to open the video in Stream itself and then the elipses gives the download option - see my attached screenshot



As I mentioned in the initial post, the Microsoft Stream link does not work - I get a message saying the video is not available. As such, the only current way of viewing the video is In the Teams meeting chat that saved with seemingly no way to download.

@MikeD850 Oh I had assumed the original issue was just that the Streams link wasn't working for external users, didn't realise it was for you too.  So even when you log directly into Stream, you cannot see it under MyContent/Videos?  In which case you will need to log a ticket with MS Support 

@KAT Appreciate the feedback!