Issue getting a a Teams recording!

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The meeting I tried to record and did not show up, started around 13:30 on the 12th of January. I stopped the recording around 3PM give or take.

The recording is not present in my Stream for sure, I have double checked it.
For some reason, the recording doesn't seem to have been finalized and what I was hoping that would be possible to find it somewhere in a temporary folder or something.
If not, then possibly Microsoft can try to retrieve it?



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@Programdread I've since had the same issue for one of my meetings on 02/09/21. Were you provided a resolution and if so, can you share that information so that can be used? 


For the recording to start saving, the organiser has to:
stop recording
OR has to end the meeting which ends the recording; i have found that you have to ensure everyone else has left the meeting; also, just closing teams doesnt end the recording.
Recording time will have a bearing on how long the "saving to stream" portion takes, as well as your network speed.

@EDU_ictGeek there were changes made to no longer save videos in Stream and fell outside of the user's control. Videos were now being shown in Teams under the chat section of the group. These videos were being sent to our SharePoint account to be stored.

Starting or stopping the video was something that was completed. After a week and a half of trying to resolve the issue,  received a blanket email from Microsft that this was a change made on their part. A lot of time wasted trying to resolve a problem related to a change made by Microsoft.