I can't upload a video.

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I can't upload any video of any size. The upload 'circle' goes round and then eventually fails. However, I can upload the same videos to Microsoft Video.


This is a sudden thing asI have previously been able to upload videos on Stream.


Any help would be wonderful.


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We are having the same problem; did you manage to get yours resolved? We are currently looking at migrating from Office 365 Video to Stream but the process has not been smooth. Will be creating a support ticket shortly.


Thank you,




... Just to add, we have tried MP4 and AVI videos which upload fine to Video.

It seems to be our school's filter. I have now removed myself from the system and it works fine. Try uploading from home to test.



Thank you for the tip. It was the filtering appliance (Smoothwall in our case) restricting the connection.


Whitelisting the following URL seemed to do the trick for us;



If you don't have the ability to specify wildcards then you will be needing to include


and everything inbetween. 001,002,003 etc.


I did however also whitelist the following for good measure;



Hope this helps someone in the future. Videos are now successfully uploading.



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Glad you got it figured out.


FYI... We have all the URLs you need to whitelist / allow within your network here.


(It's a combined list between O365 Video/Stream. Not all the URLs are used by both services).

Brilliant! That is very useful, thank you for providing the link, much appreciated.