HTML 5 or AMP Video Link instead of iFrame embed

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We want to migrate over to MS Stream and currently have an intranet site that uses a HTML 5 video tag with .timeupdated and .end event hooks to log when a user completes a video or to record how far in the video they made it. We want to maintain this functionality while migrating.


Is there a way to listen to these events when embedding an Streams iframe or is there a way to set the source of an HTML 5 or AMP video player tag that would allow us to do so? I see that there may be similar analytics long-term in the Stream portal but we'd prefer to not wait for this.

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I still have not figured this out so I'm assuming that it's not (easily) possible unless others can share their experience.


Alternatively, it sounds like this feature set is (or will be) included in the MS Streams updated roadmap "new-stream". Are there any more specifics that anyone is aware of here?


I'm not an Administrator on our instance so I'm not sure if I just can't see it or if it's not there.