How to share video with Stream to users whose AD accounts are at another domain?

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Dear Sir,


@We are university institution with Active Directory domain for teaching staff, and @abc, for students. Our teachers want to use Stream to share video clips to a group of students. However, the account of teacher account cannot add a group of viewers with because they are in different active directory domain.


1. Could you please advise how to share to such viewers at another AD domain?

2. How to manage those accounts? Can we add "All" students or add a group of such viewers   instead of assigning permission one by one?

3. Can we share to external user by sending a link to external user's email address?


Please kindly advise. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Kelvin Ma

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This isn't available yet, however it is on the roadmap (no eta) I want to say they were targeting this year sometime so it's a matter of time until they release the ability to Share video's outside the tenant org.