How to add a video from Stream to a group/channel?


How to add a video from Stream to a group/channel? I am not seeing the option to add

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You can pick it when you upload a video, or if you are the admin / owner of an existing video in stream, open the video, then just under the video in the middle is a ... elipsis menu, and Add to group/channel is in this menu.

@Chris Webb I only see the option "Linked groups/channels" and no option to add video to group

Then you probably are not the uploader / creator of the video?
Same problem here.
There are three dots under video allows to "Add to group/channel" but when I type group/channel name, it is not found. And yes, I'm the owner of both videos and channel/group.
It seems to me that this simply does not work at all. The whole stream thing is very user unfriendly. My suggestion is to use something more convenient wherever you can (vimeo/youtube). Unfortunately, our corporate rules does not allow that so I have to live with this "back to 80ties" user interface and live with the fact that I cannot use group/channel features :(