How do I find videos I can access but that were uploaded by others?

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The Stream interface is hopelessly designed. I'm a site owner and SP admin and need to be able to at least view videos embedded on my site pages and get links uploaded by others in Stream. But I can't even find them.  If I search for the video title - nothing; if I search by the person I know uploaded the video, I get partial results but not the video I need.  Why isn't there just a list of all videos I have access to that I can quickly browse?

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@matt howell  All videos you have ato you can find in the Stream portal under "Discover/Videos". If you want to search for a video, you have to do it in the Stream portal. Using the SharePoint Search or the global M365 search does not work. If you want to be informed about newly uploaded videos from others, you have to monitor the audit log for Stream events.

@Tomislav Karafilov The Stream search didn't find the videos either. Pretty ridiculous that this content isn't included in SP search since that's the front facing app almost all users are using.

They don't care where the video is hosted - it obviously needs to be discoverable easily by all users.