Governance and Compliance in Streams

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Hi everyone, does anyone have any info on Streams compliance?  I would love to be able to easily implement a retention policy for Stream content- but I currently don't see any info on how to do this or anything on the roadmap.  Has anyone else found anything useful?

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Hi @PowerBear45

Sure. As of February 2018, Microsoft Stream is classified as a tier C service within the Office 365 Compliance Framework as outlined here - Categories C and D that have industry leading compliance commitments are enabled by default. Stream is compliant for ISO27001, 27018, SOC 1/2, HIPAA and the EU Model Clauses amongst other standards.

In terms of retention, Stream doesn't currently have this and there are uservoices open for it here so I would recommend you vote on these

Office 365 Uservoice

Stream Uservoice

The Stream uservoice is the official one and any Microsoft Stream PM will direct you there.

Whilst retention hasn't been picked up yet, there is a growing call for it - and they are actively working on restoring deleted videos which is almost a prelude to it.

Hope that answers your questions

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thank you so much!  I am hoping retention policies are enabled soon- it would be great to be able to delete videos after a certain company needs that data sitting out there LOL.  Thanks again for the awesome answer!

@PowerBear45 In the case of government tenants (GCC), we would need to retain/archive most materials for FOIA and other compliance initiatives/requirements. Any and all info related to Stream compliance is MUCH appreciated!