Free to use as per users with Office 365 Business Premium?

Is Microsoft Stream free to use for Office 365 Business Premium Users? Is the best way to activate this through the Admin portal by turning stream on for a user?
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In this previous post, Microsoft Stream was identified as not being part of business premium:
The process to enable it would be to purchase licences through the admn portal and turn it on for a global admin initially so you can configure the settings, this can take a while to recognise you are an admin so you might not see admin setting link straight away. You can then enable for other users by giving them a licence.

Are you sure? When i go to their site under Pricing, it has 3 options.


1.Office 365, doesnt say anything about cost


2.Plan 1 $3 per user


3.Plan 2 $5 per user


Under my name is the Admin Portal, it says Microsoft Stream is turned off, says "Licensing Unlimited"