Does Stream support MAM-WE?

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I have a question regarding Mobile Application Management for Stream via Intune. 

Is MAM-WE currently supported for Stream? ( I have not seen in it in the list of Intune Enlightened apps )

- Do we have to do MDM + MAM for the Stream mobile app?

- I have not seen MAM-WE for Stream in the O365 roadmap. Is Microsoft planning on supporting it for Stream?



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@Dwyane George is our PM for the Stream mobile app.


Dwyane do you know what flavors of Intune we support now and which we'll support in the future?


Hi Yigit,


The Stream mobile app supports mobile app management without device enrollment today. IT admins can select our app directly in the Intune portal and configure desired new or existing policies. MDM is not required to apply Intune policies to the mobile app. Our iOS app is not yet publicly available but if you're interested in beta testing for your organization, please complete this form. Android is publicly available today in the Google Play Store. Thanks!



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