Difference / Transition from Stream Preview to Stream GA

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We are an school and use Stream Preview for all our students to hand in video assigments. What are the steps we have to take to keep using Stream now it is in GA? Will the stored video's in Preview still be accesible. Are or will the video's stored in Preview stored in our tenant? The limitations / quota's are quite different from Preview and GA. How do we cope with that?


All the information I can find is about the transition of O365 Video to Stream, but there is no info about the transition from Stream Preview to Stream "GA".

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@Otmar van Driel - Does your school already have Office 365 Education (A) plans assigned to students and staff? If so Stream is automatically included in all the Education (A1-A5) plans.


If you do use O365 already today we do have a bug that for the first hour after logging into Stream we treat your user as a "trial" user, but after that hour when you refresh Stream your official E/A/K license will be applied.


The videos uploaded during preview will remain after GA, it's the same stream instance/tenant after GA.


If you aren't yet using O365 for your organization your only options to avoid the new trial limits/quotas is to start using O365 and get Stream for free as part of it, or to buy Stream standalone. 

We have Office365 Education, Office 365 ProPlus and Office365 Education E3 licenses for staff and students. These plans are not the A plan your talkin about (I think).


Besides of that we have a seperate Microsoft Stream license. Not sure whats that about actually.


What about the new limitations. Are they also applicable for me as former Preview instance. If so I would probably run almost instantly into problems with the new quotas.

@Otmar van Driel - Would you be able to send or post a screenshot on what your license looks like in O365 Admin? 


Stream is included in the "Office 365 Education" and "Office 365 Education Plus" plans which includes the Education E1-E5 ones. (Sorry the naming is always confusing across pricing pages and what's in O365 Admin). So I'm thinking you do have access to Stream with full quotas already right now.


You likely have 2 licenses assigned to your user right now. (I think)...

1. The preview license you got when you signed up for the free stream Preview. This license we converted into a Trial license that gives you access to full capabilities of Stream for 90 days. (Face detection and deep search).


2. A Stream for Education license, which was automatically added as a line item under your Education overall license. If you go into O365 Admin for your user and expand the Education license you should see something that says Stream there.


So.. I'm guessing you are getting the full quotas as part of your education license for O365. You should not be restricted to the trial quotas. A screen shot of your licenses will help us determine for sure. If not we can talk more to help you figure out where you are.

You are correct. We have a "Microsoft Stream for O365 E3 SKU" license added in Education E3 and in the Education Plus. Still the question remains what are the quotas for my tenant? For 90 days all capabilities and a very high upload count. After that period we'll instant run into trouble because most of our uploaded video's are bigger than 1Gb and more than 10 video per user. Also pretty sure it won't take long before we hit our storage limitation after 90 days (500Gb per tenant + 500Mb per user).


I know you are working on an admin panel. That would be great to see how much we use of our storage. On the Stream website Microsoft stated: "Additional Microsoft Stream storage is available for purchase separately." How can this be done and what are the prices?


Our licenses:

O365 license.png

Great, since you have that "Microsoft Stream for O365 E3 SKU" that means you have a "full"/"paid" plan and get the higher paid quotas. Not the trial 90 day quotas.


Here are the quotas and limitations for the paid plans (which you have): https://stream.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/stream-quotas-and-limitations/


Here is the Pricing Page: https://stream.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/

You already have the "Office 365" license for Stream. Which gives you 500 GB/tenant + 500MB per user (pooled storage).


I understand the concern about the 500GB+500MB/user pooled storage limit with respect to larger videos. We are as you mentioned going to be adding cability for the admin to monitor this and determine where the storage is coming from. 


Our intention was to give tenants enough storage that they don't have to worry about it. These limits we landed on for GA are informed out of how much video was uploaded to O365 Video and the costs to run the Stream service. We will for sure be monitoring the usage and consumption to see if the quota limits need to be changed in the future to give customers enough realistic space. We can also revisit this discussion with our Business Planning team based on usage and feedback.


There will be an add-on to buy storage for Stream but it's not yet available. It will be in the near future.