Creatign a group with a large number of members from my istitution

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Hi everybody,

I am actually creating some podcast for my students in Italy, using Stream. I would like to share the content with my students only , rather than with everyone in institution. As far as I can see, after creating the group, I could include each student using the email one by one.


However, I actually have 230ish students, which make this process too long, and very repetitive. Therefore, I was wondering if I could use some shortcut, or something similar.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Hi @davidgiofre

Great question: unfortunately you can't bulk add through the Stream portal at

However, the group you create is an Office 365 Group - your IT admin can bulk add users to this using Powershell and a CSV file. See articles here

So I would recommend working with your IT admin on this

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Another option, is create the group over in Yammer, which will allow you to use a CSV to create the accounts.  Yet another idea, which I just did yesterday, is to use a DL or Outlook distribution list and create an O365 group using the People feature found in Outlook.  Once you create the new group you can search for users, groups or DL's.