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Is it possible to save the location of a Streams video?


Sometimes when watching a long video you may have to stop in the middle of it, but I can't find any way to start watching where I left, it can be quite tedious to find the correct point in the video where to resume watching.



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@PerJub If you using Share feature you can send yourself a link to the video with a "start at" timecode.

@PerJub my previous answer got lost :^(

... and yes, you could share as per previous "best answer"




you could take the URL you are using and add ?st=60 to watch from 1 minute in - i.e. 60 seconds from the start time 


I would give you a demo, but people seem to be unable to share Stream videos externally, and even Microsoft appears to be using the usual hack of downloading their video from stream and uploading it to youTube, even in their GA launch of Stream -  hmm, not good :^[

p.s. This url hack is the same kind of thing youTube does - except you use a ?t instead of ?st,