Workaround the Organization-wide channel creation restriction

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So if the admin turns off the ability to create org wide channels..  It seems, users are still able to make a channel and base it off a public group and voila, org wide channel.  Am I missing something?


How would one prevent ANY channel creation whether its org wide or group based?   Trying to tightly curate the content in the Stream portal.



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Then you need to restrict who can create Office 365 groups. Perhaps setup an approval process for this?@serenity808 

As I understand the purpose of companywide channels and channels in a public group are different. There is a good overview in If you would like to control content in specific official channels the way to do it is scenario 1 "Companywide top down sharing (few contributors, everyone can view)" which is implemeted as channels in a public group with the setting "Allow all members to contribute" turned Off. Then only owners in the group can add videos to the channels.

@kayakgeek yea thats what I was afraid of..  

Right.. I think our issue is the fact that anyone in the org can make a channel or a group.. that doesnt mean they can upload, but they can clutter the overall feel of the portal.