Why does my stream video have the transcript log appearing next to the video?

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When I visit the Stream app in Office 365 and select a video to play, I have a transcription log that follows along with the video to the right of the video.  Others in my organization do not, and I have no idea why that is or how to fix it so that they see it as well.  It is a desireable feature and I would like everyone in our organization to have access to it.

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It sounds like others in your orginalization have a different O365 license than you, this results in a different tier of provided features. You can read an overview on Stream licenses and feature here: https://stream.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/stream-license-overview/


 @Ashish Chawla can give you more details on what your options are to have every memeber of your org have access to the transcripts. 

Hi Saili,
We thought of that too, but all users have the same E4 license. In the list you provide for Stream Licenses, I do not see the E4 listed, which should mean that none of us even have Stream as an app in the app launcher. Another interesting aspect is that of the "Office 365 feature add-on". Maybe that is implemented in those cases where the transcript is visible and a selectable option? If so, is that a license that can be applied separately.
Figured out the issue. It was the license application. We have a Stream license option in Product Licenses for every user and it was not enabled for the users who could see Stream but not see the transcript. When I turned that license on, transcription began to work.

Thanks for the update David! glad this got resolved. Let me know if you have any other questions.