Why am I not seeing "Record a Video" in Stream?


See attached screen shot from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/record-video. We are not seeing this in our tenant.RecordVideo.PNG.


No Record Option on our Tennant


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It's a new feature not rolled out yet so probably just a matter of time cause they've been talking about it. Odd that article has been published since March and still isn't released :)

Hey @Doug Steckel, @Deleted! We apologize for the confusion, looks like this was accidentally published.
Content creation is something we are still working on at Stream if you're interested in staying in the loop, keep an eye on eye on our public roadmap here: https://aka.ms/streamroadmap 


@Saili Raje 

The link provided no longer works.  I too am looking for the integrated recording option.


And now it is available in education?? 




So much wanting this feature....

Record a video is now seen in our tenant :)

@Stephen Black I still cant see the capture/screen recording option, how do we know if it is enabled or how do we know if this is a SharePoint stream version or a classic version, As below post mentions this option is only available for Classic Stream.



@Sachin RANKA 

I still can not see record button
does this feature require some sort of different subscription?